Li-Fi, A New Technology That Is 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

People that are tired of slow Wi-Fi speeds can finally rejoice. A new technology called Li-Fi has been developed by an Estonian company called Velmenni. According to scientists, the technology can reach speeds of up to 1

Nvidia’s Developing A Next Gen VR Headset

As Virtual Reality grows more and more mainstream, companies find new and innovative ways to deliver the VR experience. One of those companies is Nvidia, most known for their PC graphic cards. But they’re not developing just

Prenav is revolutionizing the drone industry with their super-precise navigation system.

Emerging Silicon Valley based startup Prenav has developed a revolutionary drone navigation system. Taking the first place in the Flying Robot international Film Festival (FriFF) in San Francisco, their video showcases what many consider to be the

The Best Of Kickstarter – November

BeeLine First up is the BeeLine, a smart navigation device for your bicycle. Unlike many other GPS devices for your bicycle, BeeLine takes on GPS navigation with a minimal approach. The creators behind the BeeLine are avid

The GateKeeper Review

This week at the office we’ve been toying around with our latest gadget, a GateKeeper. The guys over at Untethered Labs were kind enough to send us one of their units all the way to Sweden. So,

Welcome Back! We’re Now Rebooted!

Long time no see, dear website visitor! We have now completely remodeled our website into something that’s beginning to look like our new vision. Wait what? New vision? What are we even talking about? We felt like